Romantic Date Ideas in San Francisco

Romantic Date Ideas in San FranciscoThe City by the Bay, as it is sometimes referred to, is one of the most famous cities in the world. Popularized by everything from Rice-A-Roni (the San Francisco treat) to a song sung by Tony Bennett ("I Left My Heart in San Francisco"), San Francisco marvelously preserves its essence through not only its landmark Golden Gate Bridge and scenic landscape, but also for developing a reputation as a highly romantic destination for many couples who are either on vacation together, on their honeymoon, or maybe celebrating an anniversary. Whatever the case, San Francisco is the home of several memorable places that will prove to be the perfect setting for the ultimate romantic date.

Castro Theatre
San Francisco's Castro Theatre is a stunning tribute to the experience of taking in a movie. Built in 1922, this historic theater has hosted several film festivals showcasing the work of world-renowned actors and directors. You will often find some of the world's best-loved movies on the marquee, as it only makes sense that such a classically beautiful venue would screen equally elegant films that still stand as testaments to the art of fine movie making. You and your date will enjoy the romantic experience of sitting in such a classy theater where the experience of watching a film in such a vintage setting will only deepen your appreciation for not only the film that you're watching, but for each other as well.

Address: 429 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114- MAP
Phone: (415) 621-6120

Crissy Field
There's nothing more natural than romance. So celebrate your time together by basking in San Francisco's natural beauty found at Crissy Field. This former military airstrip is now a 28-acre park found at the northern edge of the Presidio and is known for its stunning Bay views. You'll be able to see such fabulous scenery as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Marina District, and the North Bay. There are really no disappointing lookout points anywhere in Crissy Field. So bring your sweetheart here on a romantic date, walk hand in hand on the footpaths, and find a special spot on one of the many benches throughout the area. Then, just sit back together and take it all in!

Address: San Francisco, CA - MAP
Phone: (415) 561-7752

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
When you find yourself having a tough time breaking away for a romantic date, make plans to meet your sweetie at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art for the perfect getaway. Stroll through the expansive galleries that feature some of the world's most iconic art by some of the most recognized and respected artists. This museum opened its doors in 1995 and houses a permanent collection of over 15,000 works that include paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs. The two of you will enjoy this visual feast that will not only give you something to talk about, it will find you returning again and again to continue to enjoy these masterworks that are as unique as the two of you are to each other.

Address: 151 Third Street, San Francisco, CA 94103- MAP
Phone: (415) 357-4000

San Francisco Botanical Garden
Relationships are often about unforgettable moments. Create several of those type of moments at the San Francisco Botanical Garden. Whether you both plan to stay all afternoon or just for a little while, you will be immediately struck by the garden's amazing beauty. The plants, trees and layout are all meticulously arranged and cared for to assure that your visit offers you a chance to breathe in all of the garden's incredible allure. The facility features several world gardens, a horticulture library, a bookstore and various education programs that will add a deeper dimension to every visit.

Address: 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way in Golden Gate Park,
San Francisco, CA - MAP
Phone: (415) 661-1316

Learning together can be a fun and romantic way of getting to know each other better. A great place to do that is the Exploratorium. This venue features several exciting and interactive exhibits that make learning fun, no matter what your age! Learn about science in a fun way as you both walk through the Exploratorium together. While the majority of the exhibits on the first floor are geared more toward the kids, don't forget to check out the more high-tech presentations on the second floor that will surely provide you with a fun way to spend time together while you actually learn a little something, too!

Address: 3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA 94123- MAP
Phone: (415) 528-4360

Tomales Bay
Walking hand-in-hand on a beach is the epitome of a romantic evening, and you can experience it by taking a short drive to Tomales Bay. Located on the central California coast approximately 40 miles northwest of San Francisco, the bay features a stretch of shoreline known as Hearts Desire Beach that extends to Shell Beach. Whether you have dinner and then head out to your romantic stroll or just head straight out into the salt air, the drive and the effort you make to create this special romantic date will definitely be worth it.

Address: Northwest Marin, California - MAP
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