San Francisco Sports and Recreation

San Francisco Sports and RecreationLiving in San Francisco offers much in the way of outdoor activities. Due in large part to the excellent climate as well as the city's amenable surroundings, finding a fun sport to take part in isn't hard at at all. There is literally a large "field" of choices. If finding just one particular sport isn't what you're looking for, perhaps various recreational activities are more suited to your idea of fun and relaxation. Either way, you're sure to find the perfect fit for yourself among the various choices of sports and recreational activities in San Francisco.


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Pro Sports

San Francisco 49ers
The San Francisco 49ers are part of the National Football League (NFL) and have the distinction of being the city's longest-tenured professional sports franchise. The team first hit the gridiron in 1946. They moved into Candlestick Park as their home stadium in 1971 and won five Superbowl titles in the 1980s and 1990s. The team has also produced its share of star players that include Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice.

Phone: (415) 464-9377

San Francisco Giants
The San Francisco Giants baseball team is a Major League team that plays at AT&T Park which opened in 2000. The stadium was actually the cornerstone project of the South Beach and Mission Bay redevelopment. The sports team hit the diamond season after season for 52 years before winning the World Series in 2010.

Phone: (415) 972-2000

Dons of the University of San Francisco
San Francisco basketball fans love their college team, the Dons of the University of San Francisco, who are an NCAA Division 1 team. Bill Russell has guided the sports team to much success, not the least of which are the coveted basketball championships of 1995 and 1996.

Phone: (415) 422-2873


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Hiking, Biking & Trails

Alameda Creek Regional Trail
The Alameda Creek Regional Trail is a 12-mile long, multi-use recreation trail that winds along the banks of Alameda Creek from the mouth of Niles Canyon in the east to San Francisco Bay at its western end. Walkers, runners, and cyclists enjoy this popular, picturesque trail.

Address: 2250 Isherwood Way Fremont, CA 94536 - MAP
Phone: (510) 544-3137

Mount Davidson Park
If you're new to the sport of hiking and want a relatively easy terrain that offers amazing views, then scenic Mount Davidson Park is the perfect choice. As you hike on this .84 mile round trip recreation trail, you'll marvel at the eucalyptus and vine forest scenery, and take in the excellent views of San Francisco along the way. This loop trail is also very well maintained.

Address: San Francisco, CA - MAP

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
Cycling is considered a legitimate way to get around San Francisco, and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition does its best to make sure that safety is everyone's first priority. Several of the best bike trails in the city are posted, along with detailed reviews, on their website.

Address: 833 Market St. 10th Fl San Francisco, CA 94103 - MAP
Phone: (415) 431-2453


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Commandeering a kayak takes skill and agility. That combination often leads to some excellent adrenaline rushes! If you want to venture out but don't know where to start, head to Sea Trek Kayak in Sausalito. They'll lead you to the best place to experience this popular sport.

Address: Sea Trek Ocean Kayaking Center, Sausalito, CA - MAP
Phone: (415) 332-8494

Bamboo Reef
With the Pacific Ocean literally at your front door in San Francisco, going scuba diving is a truly adventurous idea. If you're not quite sure where to start, let the experts at Bamboo Reef guide you to make sure that your first dive is as awesomely memorable as it can be! This experience will offer you a whole new take on water recreation.

Address: 584 4th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 - MAP
Phone: (415) 362-6694

Wakeboarding and waterskiing offer some excellent aquatic fun, but sometimes it isn't quite as much fun to be on the lower end of the learning curve. Let the experts at Learn2Wakeboard guide you with lessons or maybe get a group together to head out for some truly wet and wild fun!

Address: San Francisco, CA - MAP
Phone: (877) 883-9253


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Plenty Of Thrills

NorCal Skydiving
As anyone who's ever taken a skydive can tell you, there's nothing quite like the free fall. Instead of just imagining what it would be like, it's time to do it for yourself! And to add to your extreme sports adventure, imagine Northern California's Wine Country as your landing pad. The pros at NorCal Skydiving can make this adventure a reality. In addition to providing the necessary training and equipment, you can also get your dive recorded to share with everyone when you safely return to the ground.

Phone: (888) 667-2259

Mission Cliffs
Every step is crucial when you are on a rock climb. That sense of adventure and agility isn't for everyone, but if your idea of an afternoon of fun is scaling one of Northern California's rocky terrains on a recreation adventure, then let the pros at Mission Cliffs guide you all the way up, and then back safely all the way down.

Phone: (415) 550-0515

Airtime of San Francisco
Sure, you can hang with the best of them, but can you hanglide with them, too? If not, take some time to let the pros at Airtime of San Francisco guide you and prepare you for some hangliding fun. They offer instruction as well as tandem paragliding so you can be airborne in no time to catch some spectacular views and high levels of adrenaline as you experience this extreme sport.

Address: San Francisco, CA - MAP
Phone: (415) 310-7411


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San Francisco Municipal Pier
If casting your fishing line out and nestling in a comfortable chair to wait for the big catch sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon, then make your way to the San Francisco Municipal Pier. This site not only offers good fishing, but better than average results await if you go crabbing for rock crabs. Bring a jacket as the winds are chilly on the pier no matter what time of year it is.

Address: Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA - MAP

When you find yourself in an establishment that touts its tag line as "Fun Is Our Business," you know you're in the right place. And if you happen to feel like a great game of pool, then Jillian's is your ultimate destination. The venue is much more than a pool hall, having opened its doors over 20 years ago. During that time, great food, big screens to watch your favorite sporting events and a great clientele all revolve around the basic formula of excellent pool tables and a relaxing atmosphere that has consistently made Jillian's a San Francisco favorite.

Address: 101 4th Street #170, San Francisco, CA 94103 - MAP
Phone: (415) 369-6100

Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling Center
The Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling Center offers more than just your average alleys and pins. This venue has been consistently rated as a favorite of San Francisco bowlers for several years, and the state of the art bowling facility is also home to a year-round ice skating rink. So whether you are out for strikes or figure eights, you'll find an excellent afternoon of recreational sports fun at the Yerba Buena Ice Skating and Bowling Center.

Address: 750 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 - MAP
Phone: (415) 820-3520